Unexpected Lessons Learned

IMG_7288352754856-1Unexpected Lessons Learned; Can Be Learned in the Most Unexpected Places

  There’s always unexpected lessons learned! As I mentioned in earlier posts, my Husband retired at the age of 53.  We sold everything and live in a 5th wheel travel trailer. We spend our winters in Arizona. The first year we went there. My husband was put in charge of snow removal. We DO love the snow removal program there. The people are from every state in the union and diversity is everywhere!

     For Christmas this last year my husband bought me a beautiful new 3 speed cruiser bicycle!!! She is so beautiful that I wrote a song about her. YES a song, to the tune of Barry Mallow’s song Copacabana!!

                                  “Her name was Regatta, she is a cruiser, she has 3                                               speeds on the handle bars and saddle bags from here to there.

    Well you get the idea, I WAS in love!!!

2014-06-16 13.55.11-1     Well, weeks went by and soon the poor bike just sat there.  Until one day she spoke to me, “Here I am the prettiest bike on the desert and I just sit here, day after day, waiting for you to make time for me! Come on, come ride, you’ll remember how fun it is!” OK I give up, I climbed on to that pretty little bicycle and off we went! The wind blowing through my hair, the smell of crisp clean air in my nostrils. I almost  lifted my hands in the air, but remembered I couldn’t do that even as a kid! But you see that wasn’t the unexpected lessons you’d think I learned!

Five miles later, I’m exhausted, ready to fly right into my campsite and melt into the couch.  I see something in the middle of the road, oh someone lost their watch! As I pass it I hear my “Still Small Voice” say to me. “WOW, that surprises me! I thought your curiosity would make you get off your bike and look at it!” Barely being able to breath, “I just wanta go home, it’s a watch, I’m sure it’s broken after that fall!” “OoooKkkk! Huummm,  just thought…”  So does God speak to you that way? He certainly  does to me!

Turning around, I head back to the watch.  Bending over to pick it up I see it has a big thick leather band, it’s heavier than I thought it would be.  As I turn it over I saw the crystal was scratched up pretty bad but the thing is still ticking, first thought,  takes a licking and keeps on ticking! I chuckled as I looked to see what kind of watch it was, only God and His sense of humor! I’d never heard of  the brand name, “Fossil”! I took it home to tell my husband, Gordon, that I’d found the perfect watch that would remind him everyday of what time it was!! We searched the watch on the internet because Gordon had never heard of the brand of watch either. To our surprise, the watch was valued at $350.00 to 450.00!!

The unexpected lessons learned? The moral of the story:      

      I felt as the Lord was telling me that; Even when the world considers us a “Fossil”, He finds value in us! So much so that He stops to see that which He has created laying injured and abandon on the side of the Road of Life. He goes out of His way to pick up up out of the dust and brushes us off. Shows us how truly valuable we are not only to Him but to those who have suffered the same issues and injuries that the Road of Life has handed us. It’s up to us to reach out and touch others lives with Kindness, Encouragement and LOVE!

 After wearing that watch day after day, Gordon  pointed out to me that the “Fossil’s” face had self-polished  all of the scares and looked brand new.

Like I said, God has such a sense of Humor!!!

2014-06-16 13.54.58-2

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