The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls!

How to Find the Room mate that best suits you?

As a 28 year old woman, I watched the first episode of a Sassy Senior Sitcom called, that’s RIGHT, The Golden Girls! I LOVED it!!!! I could see myself in each one of the characters. Dorothy, a no nonsense woman, knows what she does and doesn’t want. Blanche, can’t make up her mind what she does and doesn’t want (in a “I Like My Girls a Little on the Trashy Side” way)! Then, of course, there’s Rose her innocence is so refreshing (in a Ditsy sorta way). Sophia, because of her age is allowed (and has the guts to say just what’s on her mind)! It ended at my old age of 35 so I still had stars in my eyes of how life might be as a Sassy Senior

NOW, in my mid-50’s I want The Golden Girls and I wonder…how they all didn’t just kill each other?? Thank goodness for Google, it lead me straight to the source!!! The Founder of Golden Girls Network Bonnie!! Here is a video of “The 5 Mistakes People Make In Choosing a Room mate in Retirement”!! Take a look, this comes from  sixty and me website but if you’re looking for room mates (at 20 to 90) this is very beneficial!  Then leave a comment of your thoughts!!

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