Resurrection Day-Can My Dreams be Resurrected

Resurrection Day-Can My Dreams be Resurrected

By Aronlee Gould

Empty-Tomb-Picture-08  Resurrection Day-Can My Dreams be Resurrected?  In the Gospels we find 4 different recollections of the  Resurrection! Isn’t how funny how we can all see the same  event and none of our accounts are quite the  same!! I  believe that comes from our Uniquely Created  in the Image  of God. You are the only one in the world  that has your  prospective!! Now in all 4 accounts the  women were up  before dawn,  present and accounted  for!!  I love that they  were going to minister,  just as  women always seem to be  doing, eager to be of service to others.

Now in the Gospel of John, it tells the story of Mary Magdalene. After everyone had gone home, she was left in the Garden still wondering what had just happened. She had plans, she had dreams, she had had glimpses of her future!!Now it seemed all had been lost. She begs the Gardener to tell her where her Future went and what had they done with it. I believe we’ve all come up against the Magdalene Phenomena.  As we come to a certain age and we are standing in our Gardens of our lives alone.  We start to look back and remember the “Whispers”of the past, the plans, the dreams, and the glimpses of our own Futures. What happened to those “Promises”, where did those “Promises” go?

Because, Mary is so devastated about her lost.  She starts to look back to where Jesus’ body had been. Haven’t we all looked back, not because we wanted to go back,  but because we don’t know where else to look? Jesus asks why she’s cry? Mary still believes Jesus is the gardener. “Do YOU know what they did the do with my plans, my dreams, and my Future?” Then Jesus calls her by name, she’s so excited she runs to Him but He warns her not to touch or hang on to Him. I believe that’s because she wants to hold on to the “Old” and not releasing it, to cling to the “New”!

How amazing it is that Jesus came first to the women!!  Jesus knew that the emotional issues had to be addressed.  To reassure them that not all was lost!  As Jesus demonstrated in the rest of the story, that Mary’s plans, dreams and Future had more promise, more substance, and a deeper meaning.  Mary’s plans, dreams and Future were just as important to Jesus as they were to Mary!!  Jesus was resurrected unto a purpose, and as He arose, He brought with Him not only the “Keys to Release the Captives”but the “Keys to Release Our Dreams”!!



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