My New Years Resolutions

 My New Years Resolution

 ?Have You Seen My New Years Resolutions?

What Season are you in?

20150303_153345   Every year at this time I ask myself, ” where are my New Years    Resolutions?” Well, it is now late not even January, February, NOT MARCH,  NO it’s LATE-APRIL  I never make New Years resolutions, why you ask…  because of the very thing I’m experiencing today…April is nearly over and  the plans that I thought would be almost completed I’ve not yet started…tell  me…should I then stay true to my tradition or get UP, get OUT, and change  the way I do things??? It’s NEVER easy, it’s NEVER simple, and it’ll never be the way you think it will be…but, is what I’m doing now any different???

Will there ever be hope for me?

20150303_153303I have freed myself from “Fear”, it hasn’t been easy but I still try not to let it overcome me.  But it seems that a whisper of a voice has came to me saying, “you don’t have time”, ” can’t it wait?”,”you can always do that tomorrow”, “really will anyone know?” Is this my voice of “Truth”? Lord, who IS this voice? Could Fear” have a brother?? I believe he does…his name is, “Procrastination!! As I’ve sought the Lord in this problem, I’ve asked, if there are any other family members I need to watch out for? Yes, believe it or not there ARE, a sister named, “Discouragement”, and a baby sister named, “Mediocrity”!! She has the ability to GROW so strong that she can over come the whole family!


A Plan of Action

  1. Vigilance! We must be vigilant, ever watching the small root of “Fear”, in any form that he might appear! “There is no “Fear” in “Love” [dread does not exist], but full-GROWN (complete perfect) “Love” turns “Fear” out of doors and expels every trace of terror!” -1 John 4:18
  2. Precious Time!! If I’m in Love, I’ll spend time with the One that is the object of my attention. When you spend time day after day with “That Certain Someone”.  You discover their character, you learn to trust them with your “Heart Secrets”!
  3. Declare and Decree!  If we Truly knew the POWER of the SPOKEN Word! We would be “Speaking” the Word of God all day! It says in the “Word” it says in 1 Thessalonians 5:17, “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing.” Romans 10:17, “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.”
  4.  THEN, knowing your weaknesses, ask God to show you how to overcome!! When I asked the Lord, a few days later I came upon and amazing sight on the web. She was saying if you get overwhelmed with Goals, Plans, Appointments, Training you want to do GET OUT YOUR CALENDAR, YOUR COLOR MARKERS, YOUR STICKERS, AND SCRAPBOOK SUPPLIES!!!  Sit down and HAVE FUN!!!!  Most IMPORTANTLY,  I learned how much FUN it is to just come as a little child to the “Throne Room” of God!!


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