WOW I’m 50, Did I Miss My Destiny?

Profile PicWOW I’m 50, Did I Miss My Destiny?

As you might guess, I AM over 50! So AM here to tell you, there IS Life and Life more abundant EVEN after 50!!  So did I miss my Destiny? I bet like me, you’ve been wondering where that “Promise” is that God planted into my spirit those many years ago? You know the one I’m talking about! The same one Sarah wondered about after she had passed her age! Just as Sarah saw her “Seed of Destiny” come and pass by. So have you also thought, about your OWNSeed”!  IS YOUR GOD BIG ENOUGH TO BREATH NEW LIFE INTO THOSE “OLD” SEEDS? Come with me on a journey, for just a few minutes, as we together rediscover, OUR OWN “SEEDS” of  Destiny!

The world wants you to believe that after 50 you’re used up, washed up, and should be packed away!  However, GOD is telling you, that, though your life looks like a failure to the WORLD. God in HIS wisdom IS calling it SUCCESSFUL! He tells us this in 1 Corinthians 4.  ONLY ONE can tell you who you TRULY are!!  You are made “PREFECT” (meaning-mature) in HIM, Christ Jesus! AMEN! SO CELEBRATE your MATURITY because it comes from God and God alone who Calls and LONGS for you to be MATURE!! AMEN

In your 20’s you were busy in a courtship with your future spouse, in your 30’s, giving birth and raising your children, IN the “Ways” of the Lord, in our 40’s you had “Teenagers” need I say MORE? Now, in your 50’s you must reevaluate, WHERE you’ve been, HOW you got here, WHO you are NOW? Because you know as well as I do, YOU ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON you were in your 20’s, not EVEN the SAME person as you were in your 40’s.  BUT guess what…neither was, Sarah, Miriam, Deborah, or Naomi for that matter. The first thing, you MUST come to grips with is…If a “Seed” should fall to the earth and die…you own abilities, your agendas and yes your ministries…If GOD does not bring  resurrection to the “Seed” it wasn’t from GOD to begin with. But if you take your “Seed” to the Throne Room of God and HE resurrects it, That “Seed” is your Ministry of Authority!  When God reveals this to you, you WILL be able to walk in that Authority…why…It is YOUR’S through the Resurrection Power of Christ Jesus! AMEN!

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