What Does Your Fear Look Like?

What Does Your Fear Look Like?

Do you know what Your Fear Looks Like?

As as small child I loved story time, story time at home, story time at church or story time at school. It gave me a chance to let my imagination run free through the fertile fields of my young mind! To places I didn’t even know for sure if they existed or not, but to me…THEY DID!

I often wonder if that’s why Jesus spoke in story form, because he knew how much we all loved a good story. Today, I believe He is still speaking to us through stories. At least that’s how he speaks to me!

For the last few months I’ve driven the old hi-way from Driggs to Victor Idaho, at the foot of the Teton Mountain range. Each time, I see this “Big Ol’ Red Truck” with a GIANT potato on it???

“Why does that GIANT potato intrigue me so much? Why is it that every out of stater stops, admires and take pictures of this potato? I mean, it’s just an exaggerated potato!!”

That’s when this story took wings and the Holy Spirit ministered the “What Does Your Fear Look Like?” Story!!

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