Commencement Day

Commencement Day

Can you be 50+ and have a Commencement Day?

Remember the day you lined up in your cap and gown…with all the excitement and the the giggles of the girls and the grunts of the boys…”Commencement Day!!

I remember my High School graduation! A half an hour before we were to walk down the aisle. I was in an accident at the one and only traffic light in the middle of our town. So I received a police escort to graduation!! Yes it was the event of the year. Thank the Lord there were no sirens, though they did offer!!

Back to the subject; Can you have a Commencement Day at the age of 50+? I believe that you most certainly can!! Here you are, turning 50, turning 55, even me, turning 58 in October! The kids are gone, you’ve decided that you DO like your husband after all these years OR you’ve decided that you’ve just grown apart (I truly hope that’s not happened to you for so MANY reason)!  I’ve found this amazing video that I wanted to share with you. To encourage you to reach for the things you’re “Called” too!!

Now tell me…Can you have a Commencement Day?…are you ready for your Commencement Day?  Let’s journey together and we can develop and experience our own Commencement Day!!!

Please leave a comment and tell me what you’re doing or will start doing to your transformation!!

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