Back to the Future II

Back To The Future II?

Back To The Future II?

I know it’s a little late to be chiming in on “Back To The Future II”! But then it “Jumped Up” and “Hit” me!!rs_1024x759-150101075322-1024-Back-To-The-Future-II-JR-1115

This movie had everything to do with igniting a little BIG THING our imagination! Can we truly change what now exists?

 The reason [Marty] sets the DeLorean to Oct. 21, 2015? It’s the day 30 years in the future when the Cubs are predicted to win the World Series. Bob Gale, who scripted the 1985 original with Robert Zemeckis, said that he tried to figure out when the final game of the Series would have played: “I did my homework as a baseball fan.”

In 1989 as Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown were filling their “Time Machine” with household garbage preparing for the NEXT GREAT ADVENTURE…What were we doing in our real lives?

George W.H. Bush had just become President. A gallon of gas cost us $.97. The Exxon Valdez spills 240,000 barrels of oil. Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation premiered at the box office and Seinfeld on TV. The top song for the year, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”! Miss American was Gretchen Carlson (Fox News).

Well, let’s see…I was 32 year old, happily married, getting ready to be the mother of a teenage daughter with two others following close behind. We took vacation every year to cool places. I didn’t like my job, but loved working with my co-workers! I was waiting, wishing and hoping for the weekend to come not realizing that; #1. I would never get those days back. #2. I wasted a whole life time. Wondering if anyone would still be around. After all…66 reasons Jesus would come in ’86 hadn’t happen. But we bought a house in the country on 5 acres for $25,000.00! All was well with my soul and life…was GOOD! 

 I’m not really sure that I had dreams this far in advanced. Weddings or Son-in-laws not even grandchildren…that I dote on now weren’t even conceivable! Now as October 21, 2015 is miraculously up on us. Once again we’re reminded by the media that this day was always coming! Can you remember the dreams you dared to dream or the stories you could imagine in your heart? Or are you like me the older you’ve gotten the more you realize…LOOK HOW FAR YOU’VE COME!!!

It’s OK, the wonderful thing is it’s never to late to choose to JUMP IN your own TIME MACHINE! Let’s say we set our TIME MACHINE to October 21, 2016 and truly change our ‘Back To The Future II” 

Back to the Future II

I remember hearing Kim Clement talking about how we can see ourselves in our future and line up with our destiny and “Walk” right into it. I have to tell you I took that “Word” into my spirit and did just that…saw myself in my future and lined up with it!! I’m starting to join myself in my future and it’s been an AMAZING Journey!!

I Decree and Declare that: Today is good, there’s nothing to fear because I have perfect love. My gratitude will always be at top levels and NEXT YEAR; I’ll be looking back in awe at the things I have accomplished!! Because HE is in ME!!                                                                                  

Join with me in My Back To The Future! With you and I fueling our “TIME MACHINE” there’s no place we can’t go!! Please leave a comment and tell me how you’ll start this ‘JUBILEE ADVENTURE’!! 


P.S.I had created this most wonderful post about it and as I finished the last picture, the last punctuation mark, did my SEO, and Pin it,  my computer jumped and Yes it was GONE! It’s never to late to re-write or re-invent yourself!! 






Nurse giving shot

Screening and Immunization Schedule for Women Over 50

Screening and Immunization Schedule for Women Over 50

By Alice Lucey –

I’ve never really given much thought to Screening and Immunization issues after 50+

Nurse giving shotThe older you get, the more important taking care of your health becomes. For women aged fifty years of age and older, keeping physically active and following a healthy balanced diet covering all of the food groups is good practice for life long health. Women who smoke should try to quit the habit and limit their intake of alcoholic drinks to one per day. A standard alcoholic drink measure is a twelve ounce bottle of beer for example. Below you will find a screening and immunization schedule for women over 50 that includes recommended medical conditions to be addressed, such as alcohol use, as well as other primary care issues.

Be Independent Homecare, a specialist homecare agency in Ireland, has created this infographic on the topic ‘How to be Your Best Self at 50+, Health Checks for Women’. This infographic outlines an in-depth screening schedule of health checks that women over fifty years of age should be screened for, as well as an in-depth immunization schedule. If in doubt, it is always recommended to consult with your doctor prior to scheduling any of these screenings. The guidelines in this infographic are sourced from John Hopkins Medicine, ‘Prevention Guidelines for Women 50 to 64 Years Old.’

Please Click to Enlarge

Please Click to Enlarge

The screening and immunization schedules covered in this infographic range from lipid disorders, to specific forms of cancer, to the seasonal flu vaccine. This infographic covers who is most at risk and the frequency of specific tests that women at risk should be taking.

Alice Lucey is the Director of Care with Be Independent HomeCare, a company based in Ireland that provides one-to-one assistance and support to elderly clients in their own homes.


Big Black Clock

Find Time with Google Calendar Plus HashtagToDo!

Find Time with Google Calendar Plus HashtagToDo!Big Black Clock

Paula Eder is the Time-Saving Queen

Can you find time with Google Calendar Plus HashtagToDo? Well the best way to find out is to try it!! One never knows if one does not try!!! Paula Eder is the Time-Saving Queen

Google Calendar is an excellent tool for tracking your schedule, in part because it’s generally accessible to you no matter where you are and what device you’re using. And while I’m still a paper calendar user, my VA uses Google Calendar for most of her planning and scheduling.

So when she flagged HashtagToDo for me recently, I was intrigued. After a quick review, I wanted to share it with you today because it looked like a potential time-saver.

What HashtagToDo does is enable you to use your Google Calendar as your To-Do List – quickly and easily.

When you access the app, all you have to do is give it access to your Google Calendar. There’s nothing to download.

HashtagToDo — Why is it useful with Google Calendar?

Well, here’s how they describe what this app gives you:

Many people put todos in their calendar so they can see everything in one place. Unfortunately, you have to go back and check if you completed a todo, or move it forward. It’s easy to lose track of things.

HashtagTodo manages your todo list with regular calendar events. There’s no separate app to install or place to check for todos.

Your To-Do items are easily added, simply by typing ” #todo ” at the end of a Google Calendar item (don’t include the “).  This adds a checkbox — actually two brackets that function as a checkbox — to the item in your calendar.

When you complete the task, put an “x” between the brackets and this removes it from your To-Do List.

Here’s one of the nice features of HashtagToDo: If you don’t check the item, it is transferred to your To-Do List for the following day. This keeps you from losing important tasks.

Here’s a video that shows you exactly how HashtagToDo works:

Check out the FAQs for HashtagToDo for more information about this tool.

HashtagToDo — Is it for you?

Adding new apps or new processes to your workflow can be a tricky thing. Any change slows you down at first, no matter how efficient the innovation sounds on paper.

So, if you decide to check out HashtagToDo, I encourage you to give it a trial of several weeks to see whether it really helps. You can always disconnect it if it doesn’t!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with HashtagToDo and have not received any compensation for writing this content.

Paula EderPaula Eder, The Time-Saving Queen

Time management and how it can work for you!!

Blueberry Smoothie

The Perfect Smoothie Recipe To Balance Your Hormones

The Perfect Smoothie Recipe To Balance Your Hormones

Let’s talk about Hormones in the Kitchen!!

Blueberry Smoothie

As a woman, shifting hormones are a reality throughout your whole life. There’s adolescence, monthly cycles, pregnancy as well as the postnatal rush of hormones. Your body is ruled by an ever shifting landscape of chemical messengers.

And then, in your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, your hormonal terrain gets really interesting with peri menopause and menopause. This is a time you have to get educated, involved and proactive with hormones.

Creating hormonal balance is key in feeling your best as you age.

As two Health and Psychology of Eating Coaches we want to offer you natural and easy ways to create hormonal harmony. This is the first of a series of 3 Hormonal Harmony articles that are practical and info packed. Each article will give you tips and strategies that you can implement right away in your busy life!

We’re going to talk about how to balance hormones in the kitchen, in the bedroom and in the mirror! Because really isn’t that where our hormonal havoc shows up?

We want to focus on…

…the kitchen and food because hormonal imbalances often show up as unwanted weight gain and bloating.

…the bedroom because hormonal dis-harmony can manifest as low libido and poor body image.

…the mirror because hormonal shifts show up on your face – acne, wrinkles and puffiness! There’s a lot you can do to look and feel your best.

Let’s start in the kitchen with a simple and delicious smoothie that has been specifically designed to balance your hormones.

Each ingredient has been specifically chosen because it has a powerful and direct impact on your hormones.

Hormone Harmonizing ingredients:


Coconut is a healthy saturated fat made up primarily of medium-chain fatty acids. Medium-chain fatty acids increase metabolism and promote weight loss. By adding in coconut milk and the coconut oil in this recipe you are supporting your thyroid function.

Wild Blueberries:

In addition to being an antioxidant superfruit which is packed with immune strengthening vitamins and minerals, wild blueberries are considered to be an adaptogenic plant.  Adaptogens help the body cope with stress. When we eat foods that help our body reduce stress we are impacting our cortisol levels in a positive and powerful way. Getting our cortisol levels just right favorably influences every single other hormone in our body!


Turmeric is the most powerful anti-inflammatory plant. If we can naturally decrease inflammation in the body we are minimizing stress and decreased cortisol levels follow. Not only does this affect all of your hormones but in particular, it can reduce belly fat (where our stress shows up) and diminish cravings (which also increase with stress).


Cinnamon is a gem of a spice when it comes to keeping our hormones humming along because it’s a blood-sugar stabilizer. When our blood-sugar levels are stable, our cortisol is more balanced which positively impacts all of our hormones.


Ginger gives us a triple boost in this smoothie because it supports digestion, immunity and it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory. And of course it’s got that amazing zingy taste!

Chia seeds:

If you haven’t tried these tiny packets of energy you must! Chia seeds are powerhouses of protein, healthy fats and fiber.

Flax seeds:

Flax seeds are also packed with fiber and healthy fats, but in addition they have special detoxifying powers when it comes to hormones. They help clear out xeno-estrogens – unhealthy estrogens that show up in our body due to environmental toxins.


Maca is a root vegetable from South America that is specifically known for it’s hormone balancing powers for women of all ages. It’s available as a powder and can easily be added to your smoothie!

Mix all of these ingredients together in a blender and you’ve got…

The Perfect Smoothie to Balance Your Hormones


  • ½ coconut milk (from a can – Native Forest is our favorite brand)
  • ½ water
  • 1/2 cup wild blueberries
  • ½ – 1 frozen banana (depending on how sweet you like it)
  • 1 Tbsp coconut oil
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric (can be increased to 1 tsp)
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp ginger
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • 1 tsp flax seeds
  • 1 tsp maca

Enjoy !

Be sure to check out the next article in our Hormone Series: Hormones in the Bedroom!

Karen Schachter LICSW & Nina Manolson MA are Psychology of Eating and Health Coaches who are the creators and teachers of a powerful hormonal balancing program:  Have You Got WTF Syndrome?



Golden Girls

The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls!

How to Find the Room mate that best suits you?

As a 28 year old woman, I watched the first episode of a Sassy Senior Sitcom called, that’s RIGHT, The Golden Girls! I LOVED it!!!! I could see myself in each one of the characters. Dorothy, a no nonsense woman, knows what she does and doesn’t want. Blanche, can’t make up her mind what she does and doesn’t want (in a “I Like My Girls a Little on the Trashy Side” way)! Then, of course, there’s Rose her innocence is so refreshing (in a Ditsy sorta way). Sophia, because of her age is allowed (and has the guts to say just what’s on her mind)! It ended at my old age of 35 so I still had stars in my eyes of how life might be as a Sassy Senior

NOW, in my mid-50’s I want The Golden Girls and I wonder…how they all didn’t just kill each other?? Thank goodness for Google, it lead me straight to the source!!! The Founder of Golden Girls Network Bonnie!! Here is a video of “The 5 Mistakes People Make In Choosing a Room mate in Retirement”!! Take a look, this comes from  sixty and me website but if you’re looking for room mates (at 20 to 90) this is very beneficial!  Then leave a comment of your thoughts!!


Commencement Day

Commencement Day

Can you be 50+ and have a Commencement Day?

Remember the day you lined up in your cap and gown…with all the excitement and the the giggles of the girls and the grunts of the boys…”Commencement Day!!

I remember my High School graduation! A half an hour before we were to walk down the aisle. I was in an accident at the one and only traffic light in the middle of our town. So I received a police escort to graduation!! Yes it was the event of the year. Thank the Lord there were no sirens, though they did offer!!

Back to the subject; Can you have a Commencement Day at the age of 50+? I believe that you most certainly can!! Here you are, turning 50, turning 55, even me, turning 58 in October! The kids are gone, you’ve decided that you DO like your husband after all these years OR you’ve decided that you’ve just grown apart (I truly hope that’s not happened to you for so MANY reason)!  I’ve found this amazing video that I wanted to share with you. To encourage you to reach for the things you’re “Called” too!!

Now tell me…Can you have a Commencement Day?…are you ready for your Commencement Day?  Let’s journey together and we can develop and experience our own Commencement Day!!!

Please leave a comment and tell me what you’re doing or will start doing to your transformation!!


Working Your Willpower

Working Your Willpower

By Debra Atkinson

Willpower comes in limited supply. It’s note worthy to remember working your willpower is beneficial!

It’s just another in a long line of reasons why you should decrease stress. Reducing life stressors helps not only decrease cortisol, it helps you not have to use your super willpowers.

Working Your Willpower

Willpower comes in limited supply. It’s note worthy to remember working your willpower is beneficial!

No matter how disciplined you are, each time you take a chunk out of your willpower armor you risk missing a workout, choosing a fast food option, or simply compromising the positive habits that lead to your success.

You should eat before you go to the BBQ so you won’t be tempted. That’s common advice. It’s not just about hunger and physical desire.

It’s also about willpower, which will be weakened by low glucose levels your brain needs. Restore run-down willpower by restoring glucose levels. That snack of crudités and hummus before you show off the little black dress can just save you unwanted calories of the wrong type.

If you’re driven by internal beliefs and desires about your health choices you don’t have to use as much willpower. If you have to use self-control you’ll be more easily depleted. If you’re allergic to chocolate (I’ll send a card!) and break out in hives, you’re not going to have to use much willpower to say no. Easy peasy for you. Say, you believe that the rich desserts will leave you feeling sapped later you’ll have less of a problem passing them up. If you love your chocolate and avoiding it makes you feel deprived you’re going to call on willpower to pass that dessert table.

Imagine you really love to exercise or you want results yesterday and you’re advised to rest more often or do lighter exercise. You’ll have to use willpower to resist your natural tendency to push it. If this is a foreign concept to you, just know that it does exist!

Driven by internal goals to complete a marathon or triathlon, you can get up early, give up social time, and do the extra laundry.  If you don’t have value in accomplishing that kind of goal and don’t have a coach or compelling reason to do it, your willpower may not last the months of commitment it takes.

Reduce Your Need For Willpower

If you don’t love exercise, do it early. You’ll have fewer obstacles, eat better all day, and get more work done in less time all in a better mood. You also have a full tank of willpower early in the day. Most of us put up with toxic stressors all day we take for granted. Constant interruptions during your work, distracting buzzing or ringing of your cell phone, and walking traffic fountain passing your office door all require a small dose of your willpower in order to focus.

By nighttime, your willpower may be on E. The workout bag in the backseat may be ignored. The dinner out with friends becomes not one but two cocktails. The salmon and steamed veggies become fettuccini Alfredo and cheesecake.

Whatever you’re trying to do make it easier. Whatever you’re trying to avoid, make it harder. Put your workout clothes and shoes out in plain site. Keep the ice cream down the street at the store.

Can you increase your willpower? Even knowing that you have a limited supply, it is possible to increase that limit. Turns out increasing willpower can happen with small things and spill over to other areas. Aim for stretching 5 minutes a day. Cue yourself to do it with an activity that you already do. Every time you … make a phone call or brush your teeth before bed. Coupling a new habit with one you already have makes the reminder come automatically.

Other Willlpower Saboteurs

When you’re low on sleep and or low on energy and brain-boosting glucose your willpower is depleted. That makes trying to finish the project by pushing lunch back an hour or two a bad idea. You’re not going to get your best effort and what you do get will take you longer to produce.

Delayed gratification can increase your self-control (aka willpower). Say, for instance, you look forward to exercise. You know you need to focus on work priorities that are most important to your work success first, while your brain is fresh. You’re not going to skip a workout if it’s been a habit for 30 years. You will lose the ability to focus and concentrate as the day goes on however.  Your most creative juices flow early.

So instead of getting up and exercising first thing as an exercise lover you might work an hour or two first (with a break) and dangle exercise like a carrot. Just putting that off increases your willpower. For optimal productivity try to work in 90-120-minute blocks. Your body has sleep cycles that last about 90 minutes and it turns out it also has wake cycles. Break for a light meal, hydrate, or stretch. Then, 10-minute refresher done, you’ll focus better for another block or exercise. Do less creative tasks later in the day. Meetings, research, and returning emails are things that have to be done but take less creativity go here.


On the other hand, let’s say you’re not in love with exercise yet. (Hater is such a strong word). Setting rewards for exercise that you might have snickered at in the past can increase your willpower. Say your first goal is to walk 20 minutes six days a week. Whether you reward yourself with new iTunes songs to listen to while you walk or a pair of shoes to make it more comfortable to walk that reward matters. It helps you to follow through with a goal that isn’t something easy. The change is the breakthrough you have to make. Like the space shuttle getting through its barrier, you have to launch yourself through the change. Once you do it takes far less energy because you can enjoy the ride. Good nutrition feels good. The right dose of exercise feels good.

Build Your Willpower

1. Couple a behavior you already have with one you want to add to increase your rate of success.

Every time I _________________ I will ____________________.


Talk on the phone… Stand up and stretch

Fill up my car with gas…. Check that I’ve exercised three times in the last week

Do a load of laundry…. Take a short brisk walk during wash cycle

Put dinner in the oven….do a yoga tape or stretch

Clean the house…. Have a high protein smoothie (Personally, I should reverse this one!)

Take a shower…. do ankle mobility exercises

Go to the bathroom… drink a cup of water

Brush my teeth… tell myself today is going to be a healthy day

Drive home from work… stop at the fitness center


2. Add a reward to make the change even more appealing.

Every time I __________________ I will ____________________.


Go for a swim… Spend time in the sauna/steam.

Strength train… Give myself 10 minutes of massage at the end of the month

Perform cardio exercise… add $5 to a fund for new workout clothes

Reach my weekly exercise goal… buy new iTunes songs

Do cardio exercise… watch my favorite TV shows


Debra Atkinson, MS, CSCS – Founder & Barely Boomer, Voice for Fitness

About Debra Atkinson

Debra Atkinson, MS, CSCS is America’s Boomer Fitness Expert, speaker, and author of Navigating Fitness After 50: Your GPS For Choosing Programs and Professionals You Can Trust. After 30years in the fitness industry Debra committed to making sure women have good choices, real answers and putting an end to the diet and exercise confusion. Her new book, The After 50 Fitness Formula for Females based on her women’s coaching workshops is due out in 2016. Visit Debra at

Makeup Tips and Tricks that Turn Back Time

Makeup Tips and Tricks that Turn Back Time

Makeup Tips and Tricks that Turn Back Time

By Anisa Telwar Kaicker –

Makeup tips and tricks are much different for women in their 50’s. Even at 50 there are makeup tips and tricks that turn back time!

There was once a time when women took steps each night to prolong and extend their youthful looks – sleeping in rollers and hair nets, slathering on the right night cream and using masks to nourish and hydrate the skin. Perhaps that’s why in the 50’s so many married couples slept in separate beds.

Although this nightly ritual was worth the time, effort and dedication, decades later our anti-aging rituals and solutions are more effective and often much simpler.Make-up-tips-and-tricks-300x336

Today there is an increasingly stronger focus on youth and vitality by women of all ages. Even with the significant breakthroughs in anti-aging solutions, however, as we age our lips still become thinner, wrinkles still start to accumulate and cheekbones become less defined.

What most women fail to realize is that it’s not just about the products. By using the right beauty brushes and tools, you can perfect your makeup application and truly make a difference in maintaining a youthful look. Start with a focus on the four main areas of your face.

  1. Skin – As you age, your skin becomes uneven and discolored, but the key to a flawless face is an even skin tone. This can be achieved by using products such as foundations, concealers or primers. With a complexion brush, you can help brighten the skin and soften its texture, giving the skin a healthy glow. When using this type of brush, simply press the product into the skin. By using emollient-based products with color and protection, you’ll attain coverage that is natural yet impactful. Be careful not to slather the product on as that will lead to streaking and missed placement.
  2. Eyes – Eyes should appear to be bright and open, and there are several different steps to achieve this look. First, use a concealer brush and add concealer both above and below the brow, creating a lifting effect. Then add a little bit of color to your brows to give dimension. Next, you want to add concealer under the eyes, giving it time to set before blending it in. Pair all of this with matte shadows on your eyelids to hide darkening and in the corner of the eyes to create illumination.
  3. Cheeks – You can help create the illusion of youthful, lifted cheekbones through contouring. Contour brushes are designed with curves that work with the natural shape of the face, adding depth and dimension. To start, add a foundation that’s a shade or two darker than your skin tone under your cheekbone. Then, highlight the areas you would like to accentuate with a lighter shade. Finish it o by pressing a crème blush under the bone to create fullness and simulate a natural glow.
  4. Lips– As lips thin and fade, it is important to define the lip line and pump up the volume. With a rosy colored lip liner, trace over your natural lip line and fill in the rest of your lips. This causes them to look plumper, but the subtle color of rose maintains the youthful look. Finish it by adding a neutral lip balm on top for added shine and power.


All in all, no anti-aging regimen should replace sound sleep, a good diet and plenty of water. Yet for all the women out there juggling busy lifestyles, these little tips can definitely do their part in making up the difference.


Anisa Telwar KaickerAnisa Telwar Kaicker is the president and founder of Anisa International, a global leader in the design and creation of unique beauty tools and solutions for clients including Sephora, Estée Lauder, Smashbox and more. From its design studio in New York City and office in Atlanta, the company operates its manufacturing plant in Tianjin, China; and sales offices across the U.S., United Kingdom and China.


Fire Prevention Preparedness for Seniors

Fire Prevention Preparedness for Seniors

Fire Prevention Preparedness for Seniors

By Jasmine Dyoco–

Should Fire Prevention Preparedness for Seniors be a REAL concern? I believe it is, if you’re over 54 or you live alone!


Older adults over 54 are at higher risk for fire injury and death for a variety of reasons including slower reaction time, medication that slows them down, and the possibility they live alone and cannot be helped. As such, they need to take many steps to protect themselves in case of a fire and prevent it from happening except in the most extenuating circumstances.

Some steps seniors can take to prevent fires in their homes are:

  • Install an additional smoke alarm in the home and keep them in good shKitchen Stoveape.
  • Wear close-fitting sleeves and shirts when cooking.
  • Do not overuse electrical outlets.
  • Do not leave hot pans unattended.
  • Put lids over stovetops when not in use.
  • Do not smoke around oxygen tanks or in bed.
  • Plan a fire escape from your home or apartment.

If an older adult lives alone, they should talk to their neighbors about their fire escape plans in case a fire breaks out, so neighbors will be able to help them in case they cannot get out. It is also a good idea for older adults to live on the bottom floor or near an exit of apartment building for easier escape during a fire. Be sure to also have emergency providers keep your records on file for special needs, if you have any, in case they need to come out during a fire to your home.


In case of a fire, seniors should have several things prepared so that they are not caught unaware. They should have a phone or a TTY/TDD device next to their bed on a nightstand or end table within reach to call for help. Eyeglass, keys and hearing aids, if needed, should also be on the nightstand for easy access. If you smell smoke and need to access the kitchen or living room, a lamp or light switch should be easily within reach to avoid tripping or failing. Be sure to keep stairs and hallways clear for quick exit during a fire as to avoid getting trapped by burning debris.

To also prepare for a fire or any other disaster, you should post a list of relatives or medical doctors near the phone or on the fridge who should be contacted in case something happens during the fire where you are injured. Any kind of special equipment you use should also be easily accessible for yourself and the emergency personnel to get to you if they need to get inside. Anyone who might need to help you, like nurses, family or neighbors, should know how to find and use these items in case they need to assist you during a fire as well. It is also a good idea to practice your escape plan several times and know more than one escape route in case the first is blocked for whatever reason.


After a traumatic event like a house fire, older adults will often take longer to recover and return to normalcy. Some of the most common signs that people will see and need to be aware of in older adults after a fire include:

  • Confusion
  • Disorientation
  • Fear of being placed in a senior care facility
  • Withdrawal
  • Apathy
  • Anger
  • Grief

It is important for them to have a strong support network whether it comes from family, neighbors, friends or their local clubs and organizations. If they do not, often seniors will start to decline in health and mental stability, which could lead to hospitalization or other major problems in the long-term. Family members and friends should help them return to their normal routines and be there for them to talk about the experience. The more they work through the trauma, the easier it will be for them to return to normalcy.


Originally posted on Home Advisor.

Joy Journal

Joy Journal

Joy Journal

Editor’s Note:

I’ve always loved the thought of Journaling, wanted to Journal, but never could find the time or what to write about. Finally after all these years God is telling me, “It’s Your Time,Your Destiny” so I jumped on my computer to see if I could find something to help me with this new endeavor!  I found Kathy Bornarth and Your Joy Journal!!! 

Joy Journal

hand writing

It’s amazing to me that when I focus on those small things in life that bring me joy, I feel so much better throughout the day. My attitude and mood are better, I’m nicer to others, and I’m definitely more grateful. The concept of Your Joy Journal helps!

Yes, it sounds so simple when we think about finding joy in our lives, but we often don’t focus on living each day from that perspective. Instead, we go about our daily routines, often rushing and scurrying around like mice trying to get all the cheese before someone else does. We don’t take the time to really notice the beauty we encounter or appreciate the gifts and talents we’ve been given.

What would it be like if you spent five minutes recording the simple joys in life?

Could you take the time in your busy, hectic life to write down a few brief lines of joy in a notebook or notepad?

I challenge you to give it a try and see what happens. I promise it won’t take much effort on your part, and you’ll be glad you did.

Here’s a simple process for getting started:

  • Find a small notebook or mini moleskin and keep it in your purse, in your car, by your bedside, in the bathroom, or on your desk.
  • Take five minutes to jot down three to five joyful moments you experienced throughout the day. They could be as simple as a smile from a friend or as grand as climbing a mountain.
  • Do this each day for at least one week.
  • At the end of the week, answer these questions in your notebook:
  1. What was my mood like this week?
  2. Did I feel more joyful this week?
  3. What did I learn from this exercise?
  4. What did others notice about me this week?
  5. How did I feel physically this week?

There you go! A simple exercise in cultivating more joy in your life. Oh, and for added fun, have your friends and family do this with you. You could even make the exercise an experiment with those around you to see who embraced the most joyful moments.

God has given us so much to be thankful for. Let Him know how much you appreciate everything by NOTICING His gifts to you and writing them down.


Much Joy,



Six Habits of Confident people

Six Habits of Confident People




   When my son was 4, he wore a superhero cape. All of the time. I vividly        remember a trip to Home Depot when he had dressed himself in shorts and a  shirt, cowboy boots, swim goggles, gardening gloves, and the cape. Even    though he attracted plenty of stares, he walked through the store very sure of  himself and his wardrobe choice.

Many of us outgrow our childhood ideals, but why is it we also often leave behind the sense of confidence that accompanied them?

Self-doubt is common—especially in women—and for many the feeling remains constant. A survey of British managers done by the Institute of Leadership and Management in the United Kingdom found that 50% of female respondents and 31% of male respondents don’t feel confident about their job performance and careers.

“We’re all born with the capacity to be our best selves—to be who we really are,” saysJen Sincero, author of You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life. “Then we hear the messages that exist in our fear-based society, and we get beaten down. Being confident means peeling away the doubt, fear, and worry, and getting back to our core. Confident people have learned how to get back to their pure selves.”

Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, coauthors of The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance—What Women Should Know, say confidence isn’t just an attitude: “We spent a long time trying to define confidence because we felt that it would be easier to grow it if we really knew what is was,” they write in their book. “In the end we came to this conclusion: Confidence is life’s enabler—it is the quality that turns thoughts into action.”


Becoming confident takes practice, calculated risk-taking, and changes in the way you think, say Kay, Shipman, and Sincero. Here are six habits confident people share:Six Habits of Successful people


Nothing builds confidence like taking action, especially when the action involves risk and failure, say Kay and Shipman. Confident people start small and continue to take action until they become more comfortable with the risk.

“Nerves are normal—everyone has them,” write Kay and Shipman. “The difference between a confident person and an unconfident person is simply that the confident person acts on their ambitions and desires and doesn’t let fear of failure stop them.”


Confident people are not immune to failure; instead of letting it stop them, they view it as an information-gathering session.

“It’s a notch in their belt and proof that they’ve started moving in the direction they want to go,” says Sincero. “Confident people thank the experience for the lesson, and then they course-correct.”

It’s not the strongest species that survives, say Kay and Shipman, it’s the one that’s most adaptable.


Sincero says confident people don’t speak badly about themselves. Instead, they question their self-doubts.

“Instead of believing something is 100% true—such as feeling like a loser—they realize that they bought into something that’s not certain and they attach feelings to new belief,” she says.

Kay and Shipman call that getting rid of NATS (negative automatic thoughts): “Women are particularly prone to NATS. We think we make one tiny mistake and we dwell on it for hours and hours … and it kills our confidence,” they write.

To get rid of NATS, the coauthors suggest reminding yourself of three good things you did for every negative thought you have. Eventually this technique will help you eliminate the tendency to think badly about yourself.


Instead of feeling like a victim of their circumstances, confident people take ownership of their situation and do something about it, says Sincero.

“They don’t blame their parents or others, they take responsibility and change the things that are getting in the way of their goals,” she says.


Sincero says confident people read books, take classes, practice meditation, and find coaches and mentors who have done the things they want to do.

“If you’re confident then you don’t feel weird about showing your vulnerability and opening yourself up to learning from somebody else,” she says. “Insecure people stay where they are because they’re afraid of admitting their weaknesses.”


Sitting up straight gives you a short-term confidence boost, say Kay and Shipman. The coauthors suggest keeping your abs in and chin up, which they call “astonishingly simple yet woefully infrequent.”

Also try nodding your head: “You feel more confident as you talk when you do it—and you’re sending a subconscious signal that makes others agree with you,” they write.

Women's Authentic Success and Empowerment

Women’ s Authentic Success and Empowerment

Women’ s Authentic Success and Empowerment

    How Badly Do Want It?

               By Robin Trumble

There are many interpretations of the word empowerment. I’ve listed a simple definition below. Empowerment: The act of giving power and authority to a person to perform his designated tasks and being enabled to do what is needed to accomplish a given task, goal and mission. Empowerment is a choice. You either choose to embrace empowerment by learned life skill sets and other avenues or choose to sabotage any level of success by continuing dis-empowering behaviors, neglecting to learn and apply best practices and by failing to get clear on your vision, goals and purpose in life.

Women today fulfill many roles and most are either in business with my family and I recall one scene where Berry Gordy asked his quality control team when listening to one of the Temp’s songs which one would you choose the record or a sandwich? The response to the first song was a sandwich. The next time he asked their response was the record. Being a recording artist and songwriter myself I totally understood what was being implied.

The concept was in order for the song to be a hit a customer would need to desire the record so much that they would pass up buying something to eat if they had a choice.

Well how do you see your business?

Do you want it bad enough that you’d pass up a couple nights out to be able to invest in the system or program that you know will propel you forward? Or is the desire not strong enough and you could still put it off saying to yourself “it will happen.”

Do you desire it bad enough to put in hours weekly with a marketing plan for realized growth instead of watching your favorite show? Or do you lack the burning desire to pass up the show to gain new ground in your marketing efforts?

Do you desire it bad enough to stop the insanity “doing the same thing expecting different results” and connect with new systems, strategies and an accountability measure? Or do you feel that you have all the information you need and that it will get better if you just keep working harder?

What about a healthy lifestyle?Mature Woman and Birthday Cake

Will you put in the time to design a healthy menu to empower yourself for healthy living?

You must want life and business empowerment more than just saying affirmations daily.

Your desire must be a burning desire a must have in order to propel you towards the maximum empowerment you so desire to realize.

You will never have the business you want without diligent pursuit,
mindset shifts, goals, clarity of vision and more.

It’s going to take more than a casual approach to any endeavor.

Life empowerment, Business empowerment and ultimate success, how bad do you want it?

I’d like to help you realize Authentic Life and Business Empowerment.
You’ll be equipped with proven strategies and keys to turbo-charge your life and business empowerment.

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